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  • Biscuits, Baby

    The weather is cooling way down here and it officially feels like fall which means I’m thinking of any excuse at all to get my butt in the kitchen. I’ll be honest and say that this summer I wasn’t feeling all that inspired when it came to cooking or baking. I felt kind of lazy […]

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  • Savoury Shortbread Coins

    I’ve talked about this before but it’s worth reiterating that (most of the time) I much prefer salty snacks to sweet ones. A couple months ago I shared my savoury pancake recipe (find that here) and since then I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with some of my favourite sweet classics and turning […]

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  • Lazy Girl Pasta

    I like to say that I’m lazy-fancy. As in, I like to come across as so sophisticated and put-together but I really just can’t be bothered. This dish is perfect for that. It’s literally the most versatile recipe – well, actually, it’s not really a recipe because it can be altered in about a million […]