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  • Current Beauty Favourites

    I have been on a bit of a beauty kick lately! In the last few months I’ve been cutting back my beauty routine more and more and, while I enjoy the fresh-faced look, it’s been a lot of fun to break out my makeup bag again and play around. What’s even crazier is that I’ve […]

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  • It Smells Like Summer

    I have this idea that if I break out my spring/summer perfumes I can pretend like it’s not miserable outside and that summer really is just around the corner. Good plan, right? I think everyone has an example of a ‘scent memory’: a certain smell that instantly transports you to a particular time or a […]

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  • Beauty Dupes

    Living on a college girl’s budget means that I definitely love a good dupe. I love beauty but, let’s be real, I’m not about to shell out crazy tons of money when I can get something really similar for a fraction of the price. Today I am sharing some of my best kept secrets: here […]