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  • Summer In Music

    Y’all, this felt like the longest summer ever! You know that feeling of just being so ready to go back to school because you’re just ready for a change in routine? That’s where I’m at right now. I’m ready for school (well, kinda) and I’m ready for fall and I’m ready to put this playlist to […]

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  • Find Comfort

    All weekend I tried to figure out what to post today. I have a couple of home posts and some style stuff I want to share but the truth is that it’s really difficult to sit here and talk about fashion or beauty or decor when there are such ugly, horrible things happening. And I […]

  • Beauty
  • Going Under the … Needle?

    I have a confession: I may try and come across as a badass, but I am really a big scaredy cat. I have wanted to get additional ear piercings for a really long time and I’m just too chicken! I got my septum pierced (kind of on a whim) a couple years ago and that’s in […]