This is, without a doubt, my favourite of all the gift guides. If you know me than you know that there are no two words that perfectly describe me better than ‘home body’. Like, that’s me. There is nothing I like more than a cozy night in wearing my comfies and curling up on the couch. If you’ve got someone like me to shop for than this is the gift guide for you!

GIFT GUIDE: For the Home Body

  1. Pajama Set
    As any true homebody can tell you, pajamas are an essential part of our lifestyle. As soon as I’m in the door my regular clothes are on the floor and I’m yanking on my pj’s. A matching set is a great gift option because it looks super put together but just as comfy. Help your loved ones take their loungewear to the next level! Bonus, it’s a gift they can use right away. What’s cuter than new pajamas on Christmas?
  2. Peppermint Bark
    Snacks are essential. Obviously. And peppermint bark (whether you buy it in a tin like this or make it yourself) is a perfect gift – it’s a little festive, a little luxurious, and a whole lot delicious. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this as a gift.
  3. Apple TV
    What is more essential for a night in than TV? If, by some chance, your loved one doesn’t have Apple TV already than be a pal and get it for them. They’ll never forget that it was you who opened up the world of TV watching possibilities. Can you say ‘life changer’?
  4. Coffee Mug
    Part of being cozy is having a nice, warm beverage on hand. Pick your poison: tea, cider, coffee, whatever. A cute coffee mug is always my go-to gift when I need to add a little something extra to a present. A person can never have too many mugs!
  5. Faux Fur Throw
    Sure, a regular blanket is fine but what’s fine when you could have a plush faux fur throw? This is something that most people won’t necessarily buy for themselves which makes it the perfect gift! My sister got me a furry blanket last Christmas and it lives on my couch now, perfect for those nights when I’m feeling chilly and it’ll be perfect for your loved ones, too!
  6. Reed Diffuser
    If a person is spending a ton of time at home, they probably want their home to smell good! Sometimes a candle can be a little strong and I like reed diffusers because they’re always ‘on’ without needing to be lit, like a candle. They subtly fill a room with their scent and they look so pretty.
  7. Record Player
    Sometimes the TV needs to be turned off and it’s nice to curl up and have something playing. Record players are hugely in and this one isn’t only chic, it’s also pretty inexpensive! Plus, you already know what to get them for their birthday – new records! Or get them records now if they already have a player. It’s a super easy gift and it’s also fun to pick out stuff that you think they might like.
  8. Cards Against Humanity
    This is by far the most inappropriate game I’ve ever played – which makes it so fun. It’s safe to say this is for the more mature people on your shopping list (no kids!). Gift this to a friend and then make plans to have a game night – I promise that laughter is guaranteed.
  9. Animal Toe Crew Socks
    There is something so traditional about socks for Christmas. Pick out a super fun pair with a wacky print or pattern, or something fuzzy like these ones. The less boring, the better! A silly pair of socks are the perfect accessory for a cozy night in.



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