I am super excited to share today’s gift guide with you because, in case you can’t tell, I love food. But I don’t just love food, I love kitchen appliances and tools and cookbooks and just everything. This was a fun one for me to put together because it also gave me ideas about what to put on my wish list this year (hello marble cake stand!). So here are my picks for what to get the foodie in your life! Good luck!

GIFT GUIDE: For the Foodie |

  1. Shake. Stir. Sip. Book of Cocktails
    Any food lover on your list would probably love a cookbook but that’s a little boring. So why not put a little twist on it? This gorgeous book would make a great bar cart accent but also makes great drinks! Pick it up for the (21 and over) friend that loves to entertain and then hope they invite you over once they perfect their bartending skills.
  2. Marble Pedestal 
    I typically think of a pedestal type serving plate as being for cakes but even if your loved one isn’t much of a baker, I think this would be a great gift. Think of a cheese spread done on this! Or a bunch of little canapés! It’s super chic and would make a great addition to any foodies serveware collection.
  3. Tin Recipe Box
    There is something so sentimental about a recipe box. I always think of a recipe box as being something we pass on to someone else which makes it a great gift idea. Even though most of us keep our recipes digital these days, this would be a great way to keep those super important never-want-to-forget kind of recipes safe. Or they could use it as storage for all their takeout menus. That would be kind of funny.
  4. Vitamix Blender
    I’ve seen a Vitamix used to make smoothies, soups, and even cookie dough. This is the perfect splurge for that person that loves being in the kitchen. It may be a blender but what you’re really giving them is a way to streamline their time in the kitchen. And convenience is always a good gift.
  5. Compartes Chocolate
    This is the perfect gift for the person that loves to be a little out there but still loves the classics. Think of the Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bar that you loved as a child and then take it up like, ten notches. Yeah. Compartes mixes and matches with some of the craziest combinations and wraps it all up in the coolest packaging. This is a gift that anyone would love.
  6. Matcha Tea Whisk
    Chances are that the foodie on your list loves to get in on the latest food trends and matcha is a big one. The super concentrated Japanese green tea powder has hit the mainstream in a big way. So why not gift them this traditional whisk (called a chasen) so that they can prepare perfectly smooth matcha at home?
  7. Gold Flatware
    Whether they cook or not everybody’s got to eat, right? And who wants boring old forks and knives? Gold flatware is super chic. Got an aspiring food blogger to shop for? A bonafide food Instagram-er? A host(ess) with the most(est)? This will help them take it to the next level and impress everyone.
  8. Wooden Cutting Board
    Used as a cutting board or serving platter, this rustic wood board really makes a statement that any food lover will appreciate. And you will appreciate the (under $10) price tag. Seriously. So even though a cutting board may sound like an underwhelming gift, maybe pair it with something a little more jazzy and you can give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.
  9. Gold French Press
    Coffee is nothing new, and quite frankly, neither is a french press. But they are having a bit of a moment right now in a time when electronic dispensers are all the rage. They’re super easy to use and a metallic one like this really makes a statement. Pick this up for the minimalist who likes a little flair.

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