Holiday High Tea @ Neverland Tea Salon

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I’m having a hard time believing that Christmas is actually tomorrow; I think with all the craziness of the last few weeks time just got away from me. This past week, however, was about as festive as could be. My oldest sister and my mom had a few days off leading up to the weekend and, I kid you not, we went shopping every single day. If you ask my mom she will tell you that we left everything to the last minute and it’s totally unlike her. Every year she asks for our Christmas lists in September and by the time December 1st rolls around she’s pretty much finished. This year … not so much. But I actually kind of liked doing my shopping right before Christmas! It was so festive and because I was only picking up a few things to finish off some gifts, it wasn’t all too stressful. We also decided to branch out from the mall (and online) this year – we headed out to Main St and all the cute boutiques there and also South Granville (because, Anthropologie. Duh) which was a nice and festive change.

In between all this shopping, we also made time for holiday High Tea. We’ve been for tea before (afternoon tea) but we wanted something more festive and a little more special. If there was one word to describe Neverland Tea Salon it would definitely be special. Stepping inside was like walking in to a British holiday movie. Everything about it from the decor to the amazing service made for the perfect high tea experience. They had a great selection of teas (enough for a wide variety of choices but not so many that it was overwhelming) and the food was so good. We opted for the Holiday Grande High Tea which, at $40 a person, was kind of a splurge but came with endless pots of tea and more food than was probably necessary. If $40 is a little too much (totally understandable) they also have a Demi Tea which comes with two pots of tea and still a good amount of food and is only $28 a person (still a splurge but a little bit more affordable). Even though the holidays are almost over, if you get a chance I’d recommend checking out their holiday high tea. And if you’re a little too busy right now, I’m sure their regular tea menu is worth visiting as well!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and I want to quickly wish everyone a happy holiday! Enjoy the next few days and hopefully spend it doing what you love. Me? I’ll be here, eating everything in sight and spending time with my family which sounds pretty darn perfect. Merry Christmas everyone!

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