I’ve always said that January is probably my least favourite month out of them all. It’s cold and dreary (and lacking the shiny, sparkly-ness that December has in spades) and, as I’ve already shared, I’ve never really loved the change it brings. This January in particular brought another unpleasant change, one we’re all trying to come to terms with. And in the face of all that I think we’ve all been focusing (a little bit at least) on healing. For me, that’s a lot of cooking and reflecting and spending quality time with loved ones. And I’m feeling good about it. So I hope that you all had as good a January as was possible and that you’re feeling strong and ready to face this year (and the next few). Have a good weekend!

Homemade cocktails and ravioli are essential for award show viewing.


Missing blooms like these right about now.


Winter is for biscuits.


My favourite view at SFU.

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