Find Comfort

All weekend I tried to figure out what to post today. I have a couple of home posts and some style stuff I want to share but the truth is that it’s really difficult to sit here and talk about fashion or beauty or decor when there are such ugly, horrible things happening. And I know that, especially this year, bad things happen every day but this is especially hard to fit my mind around. I don’t really have the words and so I won’t even try and talk about it but I will say that you should try and take comfort where you can. Reading the news today got me really upset (and fine, part of it is that I’m on my period but whatever) and I really needed comforting. I went to my grandma for a hug and she pulled me up and said that she was going to teach me to make her favourite daal. And so I stood next to her in the kitchen, watching as she pulled things from her memory without ever once using proper measurements, and I began to feel better. It felt like the most important thing I could do at that moment was to listen as she told me the story of learning how to cook that dish from her mother. It was important because it felt like a reminder that I desperately needed. And so I hope that you can also find some comfort, wherever or whatever that may be. Take care of yourselves today.

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