Lazy Girl DIY Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner and if you haven’t started thinking about your costume than what are you even doing with your life? But really though, I love Halloween and the excuse to be creative and a little out there. Which means that I’m not really that interested in the generic costumes (like, how many people do you know that are going as Harley Quinn?). But you know me, I’m not looking to put in a lot of work or money into a costume either. This is, for me, the best of both worlds. Easy and simple but still really cool and unique. BONUS: no appropriation going on here! This is just a friendly little reminder that it’s never cool to appropriate any one else for the sake of Halloween, y’all. Please, no ethnic costumes. Just don’t do it.

Tooth Fairy

I’ve seen this costume pop up here and there over the past few years but it’s never been one of those super popular, everybody does it, kind of costumes. Which is why I think it’s perfect. Pull this out for Halloween and you’ll get people raving about how creative your costume is. I’ll admit that this is probably the most work out of the bunch, but I really think it’s worth it!

Katie Lowes (a.k.a. Quinn from Scandal) rocked this costume on The Ellen Show a couple of years ago and she went all out. The tutu! The toothbrush crown! The fannypack for storing teeth! The giant toothbrush wand! It’s so well thought out. Lauren Conrad also went as a tooth fairy but she took it in a different direction. With more neutral colours and subtle details (like the bag she carried), it definitely has a different, more mature vibe than Katie’s fun and colourful look.

How to DIY:
The base of this costume is definitely the tutu/tulle element. You could pick one up at your local Halloween store or, if you want to go totally DIY, you could make one yourself. Add in a crown or tiara of some kind (you could hot glue some toothbrushes to it if you want to go all out), a bag or a pouch, and a set of wings and you, my friend, are the tooth fairy.

A Cactus

How many people have you seen with this costume? It’s super unique but also really witty and so cute! If you’re going to a party or something I feel like this would be a really fun conversation starter. Plus I think it would be really easy to actually put together which (obviously) makes it a win in my book!

I don’t know who this girl is but I want to give her a high five because I think that she put this together so well. I love that there is so much detail but it’s still a super simple costume.


How to DIY:
It starts with a plain green dress (this one is long-sleeved, this one is a great colour). Totally optional (but totally cute) is painting ‘you can’t touch this’ on the front; you could just use fabric paint or maybe iron on letters or something from the craft store. Next would be to cut out thin strips of paper, fold them in half and hot glue them to the dress. They may be a little floppier but I think they’d still look great and, bonus, you’d still be comfortable sitting and things like that. Add a flower to your hair and the look is complete!

Ice Cream Cone

This is adorable. I love that it’s so pretty and kind of whimsical but also requires the least amount of work out of the three. Definitely easy to throw together kind of last minute but it still looks really classy (you could easily make this work appropriate if you needed to!).

I found this one over on Treasures & Travels and I think they did a great job (they’ve paired it with a partner ‘cotton candy’ costume that would be super cute for you and your BFF!).

How to DIY:
The original blog post includes a really comprehensive guide but the run down is basically an all white outfit and multi-coloured mini popsicle sticks for the sprinkles. The cone is just a piece of brown paper rolled diagonally to make a cone shape and, either bobby-pinned in the hair, or hot glued to a headband. So easy and minimal work. That is my favourite combo.


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