Art Class at 4Cats Art Studio

You guys probably know by now that I love me some arts ‘n crafts and, unsurprisingly, it seems to run in my family. So when my sisters’ and I were trying to figure out what to get my mom for her birthday (because she is constantly the hardest person to shop for), we ended up getting her an art class! 4Cats Art Studio is a local art studio that hosts a lot of fun DIY classes and they have awesome group rates that make it super cheap!

We signed up for their “Flamingo Mug” making class which was a 90 minute class that included making the mug from scratch and then painting it.The class was a fairly decent size – I think there was about 11 or so of us and 1 instructor. I will say though, that although 90 minutes seems like plenty of time, it was quite frantic towards the end and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt a little bit of pressure.

I don’t what I was expecting going in to the class but it was different than I thought it would be. For starters, we actually formed the mug out of solid pieces of clay which was fun but also quite difficult – maybe more than I had anticipated. I thought it was funny that the instructor said at the beginning of the class that one of his rules was that we be kind to others but also to ourselves because adults have a tendency to be hard on themselves especially in creative circumstances. I definitely saw the perfectionist come out in myself (and also others) as I went through the process.

The actual mugs were pretty adorable and, although we won’t see the finished product for a little while still, I’m pretty in love with it. Structurally speaking, the flamingo may not have been the smartest/easiest choice but it was definitely the cutest. Overall, I would totally recommend trying on the classes that 4Cats offers and I’m excited to go back and try again!

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