A Very Enchanted Christmas

Hello friends! Sorry for skipping out on Friday’s post but let me tell you, that entire day  was such a fiasco. We got hit with a bit of a snow storm (or at least Vancouver’s version of a snow storm) and it basically threw everything in to chaos. I had an exam scheduled for Friday afternoon and all morning I was sitting at my computer checking to see if the campus was open and if busses were running. Finally, it was time to go and I got to the bus stop where I waited a full half an hour for the bus to show, frantically checking my email to make sure that waiting in the freezing cold, covered in snow was still necessary. I got on the bus, made it to the bottom of the mountain, and then the bus driver said he wouldn’t be going up and in fact, no busses were going up. So we get off the bus, walk 5 blocks in the snow to the bus stop going back the way we’d come, and get back on the bus. I check my email again and 20 minutes before my exam was set to start the school emails saying that it was cancelled. And so then I had to take two busses and the skytrain to get home. So not only did all of that happen, but also I thought I was going to be done my exams on Friday and now I have to wait until the 19th to take my last final. Pardon me, but what a shit show. I think you can understand why I needed a good healthy dose of holiday cheer after that.

Enchant Christmas is new event in town that has had everyone buzzing. How could I have ever turned down a magical Christmas maze and market? Uh, I couldn’t have. I didn’t. It was a little kitschy but still very sweet and festive. It’s a great place to take kids, although most of the people there were adults taking the perfect holiday Instagrams. Which leads me to my thoughts on the evening:

1. Be prepared to constantly be in the way of people taking pictures. I swear, no matter where I was standing I was definitely photobombing someone. Little kids, couples, families. You name it, they were there trying to get their pictures taken. Granted, any picture you take there is pretty much guaranteed to turn out great so maybe it’s worth it? I mean, I did get a great Insta out of it.

2. Wear good shoes. And by that, I mean shoes you don’t care about getting dirty. It was muddy and slushy and dirty on the ground and more than one person had soaking wet feet by the end of it. I wore my trusty Hunter rainboots and they were perfect – I left with dry, toasty toes.

3. Wait until it’s dark out to go. I’m pretty sure it’s open from 4-10, and while it is getting darker earlier these days, I recommend waiting until the sun’s gone completely down before heading over. The whole thing is really about the lights, and those are no fun unless it pitch black out, right? That does make it a chillier evening though, so bundle up in those layers my friends!

4. Go with someone you know you can laugh with. The crowds, the cold, the lines, it can all be a little        stressful but if you go with someone you know you have fun with, it makes it a lot better. Take a friend or your family but don’t take it so seriously. Remember to have fun!

I hope you guys are having a great start to your holiday season! If you end up going to Enchant Christmas let me know your favourite part!

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