36 Hours In Seattle

Last week my little sister and I took a quick weekend trip down to Seattle. She desperately wanted to see one of her favourite bands, Alvvays, in concert and at the time they had no plans to come to Vancouver. She asked if I wanted to go and, while she had thoughts of music and shows, I immediately thought of all the food possibilities and gave an enthusiastic YES! So we went, we ate, we conquered and here is a quick little recap of our 36 hours in Seattle.

We left Vancouver at about 7 in the morning and arrived in Seattle at 10. Our first stop was, naturally, Pike Place Market. No matter how many times I go to Seattle, Pike never fails to amaze me. All the food and flowers and knick-knacks – there’s just so much to see and take in. Have you ever seen these weird cabbage flowers before? So strange but also really beautiful.

We hadn’t eaten yet that morning because I was holding out for biscuits. Biscuit Bitch, that is. My sister and I both love Southern food and I knew that biscuits were a must so it came down to Honest Biscuits in Pike Place or Biscuit Bitch which is just up the street. In the end I’d heard good things about both but Biscuit Bitch sounded fun and delicious so that was where we ended up going. PSA: save your time and money. I was seriously so disappointed. I’m the kind of person who really doesn’t mind waiting for things that I know will be good so we waited in line (about 20 minutes) and then waited for our food (about 45 minutes) and the best I can say is that the eggs were okay and the actual place was really cool and interesting. The grits were bland and tasted more like mashed cauliflower than garlic grits and the biscuits were dry. Definitely not worth the wait or the money, which really sucked.

After that disappointing breakfast we decided to indulge in a little retail therapy so we hit up Nordstrom and Zara before going a bit further north for records and ice cream. My sister, the music lover, wanted to check out Everyday Music and I, the ice cream lover, wanted to hit up Molly Moon’s (we went to the one on Pine) so it was really the perfect situation. Everyday Music was really cool and super huge! If anyone has ever been to Amoeba Records in San Francisco it really reminded us of that. They had a ton of selection to choose from and my sister walked away with a few new records.

After that we went to Molly Moon’s for the first ice cream stop of the trip. I have been wanting to go there ever since I saw it featured in Saveur magazine and I am so glad to report that it was totally worth it! Oh my god! Molly Moon’s is like truly classic ice cream. It’s creamy and sweet and delicious and their waffle cones are perfect. Also, a totally unexpected bonus is that while waiting in line we got to see tons of cute little kids dressed up to do trick or treating since it was Halloween weekend! I saw some really clever costumes!

As delicious as the ice cream was, it left us both feeling like we needed a bit of rest (the food coma was real) so we went to our hotel and checked in and got settled. My sister took a nap and I started researching places for dinner since that was one of the only meals we hadn’t planned ahead of time. We ended up going to the Pike Brewing Company which was this quirky pub-type place that had really delicious comfort food and, bonus, was directly across the street from the Show Box which is where the concert was. I had the mac and cheese and absolutely felt like I needed to unbutton my jeans afterwards but it was so worth it. We didn’t expect for it to be so good but if you’re looking for a (cheap) yummy place to go for dinner I would recommend it!

The concert ended pretty late so we just went back to our hotel and went to sleep because we had to be up early the next morning for a super important mission: General Porpoise Doughnuts. I don’t even remember where I first heard about these but ever since I first saw them I knew that I had to have them. I’d read online that they can tend to sell out and that line ups can be kind of long so we got there at about 9am on Sunday morning all prepared to wait but, to our delighted surprise, it was empty! Actually, I was scared that maybe it was closed for some reason but thank goodness it wasn’t. Not only is it the cutest doughnut shop that I’ve ever been in, the doughnuts themselves were incredible. Soft and pillowy with the most delicious fillings! I may have tried two because I just couldn’t help myself but, hey, I was on vacation! I got the vanilla custard and the chocolate marshmallow and would recommend either (or, actually both). So, so good.

Post-breakfast we headed out to the Museum of Flight because my sister is obsessed with air and space. It’s not really my thing but the museum was really cool and if you, or someone you know, likes airplanes and spacecraft you should check it out. Side note: this is the one place I was able to show off my knowledge of the phonetic alphabet! I totally impressed some old guys when I was able to recite it from memory.

Since she got to pick the Museum of Flight, I picked the Seattle Art Museum as our next stop. We first had lunch at the cafe and then checked out the museum. It was so grand and interesting and, surprisingly, not that busy! My favourite thing was the porcelain room (pictured above) because it was so beautiful.

Our very last stop in Seattle was, of course, more ice cream. Along with Molly Moon’s I saw Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Saveur a few months ago and about died when I saw their ice cream floats. I was scared that it maybe looks better than it tastes but that was so not the case! I got the blood orange ginger beer float and it was so. darn. good. Smooth and creamy soft serve with tart and fresh ginger beer made it perfectly balanced and surprisingly refreshing! We went to their Pike location but they have a few so check it out!

After that it was time to say goodbye to our time in Seattle and head home. While we definitely saw (and ate) a ton, we’ll certainly be back for more! Until next time, Seattle!

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