2017 GIFT GUIDE: For the Style Maven

I like to think of myself as style savvy and so I thought that I’d impart some of that wisdom in the form of this gift guide! This is the round up of items that are perfect for any fashionista (or mister! Most of these things will work for the men in your life, too!) who is looking to embody that always elusive ‘cool girl’ style that you guys know I am all about. Bonus? Most of this stuff is also super affordable! But shh! Don’t tell!

1. Triple Threat Tassel Earrings Set
You already know that I love a good statement earring (read about that here) which is why I think that this set would make a great gift. It comes with three pairs of tassel earrings so you can split it up and include a pair in three different gifts or give it all to one person as a bigger gift. Either way whoever you buy these earrings for is sure to be super stylish.
2. Lion Phone Case
I love this phone case so much I bought it twice (once for my old phone and then again when I upgraded). It’s just so cool! But even if this print isn’t exactly your (or whoever your shopping for) style, Society6 is a great place to shop because there are so many cool prints and graphics to choose from. I buy all my phone cases from there and have gotten my sisters on it, as well!
3. Vans Old Skool Sneaker
Again, this is a product that I actually have (and love). I’ve always loved Vans but recently they’ve been having a moment with all the fashion ‘It’ girls (and guys!). They’re not super expensive but they are super stylish and comfortable so pick them up for anyone on your list!
4. Ray-Ban Retro Sunglasses
Sunglasses are a great gift because you can get them for whoever (girls, guys, parents, friends, partners – literally everyone). I picked these Ray-Bans because they’re a universal style that will still feel like a special gift for whoever you buy them for.
5. Marble Spinner Carry-On
You’ve probably seen the Calpak marble suitcase all over your Instagram feed and I’m sure your loved ones have, too. I like this black marble one because it’s a little bit different than the classic white/grey motif that is super popular but still looks super cool and chic. If you’ve got a jetsetter to shop for, definitely think about picking them up one of these!
6. Two-Tone Scarf
This season I’m really in to the two-tone scarves! I picked up a red and pink one which, as much as I love it, I know may be a little bit out there for a lot of people. Instead check out this grey and black (darker grey?) one! It’s something soft and cozy but still fashionable which is totally up my alley.
7. Lightning Rib-Knit Hat
A knit hat in winter is not exactly rocket science. As practical as knit hats are, they’re also a really great accessory! I love how the little lightning bolt detail on this one makes it really fun and different from the plain (and sometimes boring) basic hats.
8. Where Stylists Shop: The Fashion Insider’s Ultimate Guide
I saw this book in Estee Lalonde’s gift guide (if you don’t know who she is, what are you doing?) and knew I had to have it. This one is definitely going on my Christmas list this year and I really think it should be on your shopping list! It’s an insider look at where all the key fashion players like to shop and source their clothing from in cities all over the world! Ever wonder where the best shopping in New York is? With this book you’ll know. Sounds like the perfect gift for every fashionista on your list!

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