2017 GIFT GUIDE: For the Homebody

Last year I think I saved the “Homebody” gift guide for last but this year I decided to share this one first! I am such a homebody you guys so this gift guide is everything that I love. It’s perfect for winter and the holidays when all you went is to snuggle up! I also really tried to make these gifts cute and fun and not just the typical slippers and bath robe that you’ve probably given/gotten at least a few times in your lives. So whether you are shopping for him, for her, or for them your loved ones are sure to love these gifts!

1. “No Scrubs” Door Mat
Sometimes you just gotta say “no means no” and check the scrubs at the door, know what I mean? Okay, I’m kidding. In all seriousness I really just think this doormat is fun and quirky and a great way to add a little bit of sass in an unexpected way. After all, if you’re hanging at home you want to make sure that your place feels like you.
2. Cozy Crew Socks
I’m 99% sure I included socks in one of last years gift guides but I don’t care because you can never have too many pairs of cute and cozy socks. These Vancouver winters are getting cold, y’all, and my little toes cannot handle it! Socks are essentials but picking fun patterns or colours or textures makes them a little bit more special than the economy pack of white ankle socks they probably buy themselves.
3. Matcha Clearing Mask
I am a masker and I believe that you can never have enough! My favourite thing to do on a night in is throw on a face mask because it feels pampering without requiring a ton of work (obviously). This Japanese matcha one is great for clearing out pores and is a bright green colour which is just fun. Plan a fun night in along with the gift and then you have an excuse to buy one for them and one for you. Not that I ever need an excuse …
4. Fleece Hoodie
I am aaaall about the loungewear, okay. I am one of those people who does not believe in wearing jeans at home and if you do (I’m talking to my little sister, here) I think it’s blasphemous. Just so wrong. So do everyone a favour and buy your loved ones something comfy and soft and still a little bit cuter than pajamas (personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pajamas but hey, that’s just me). I have a fleece sweatshirt similar to this one that I live in during the winter months.
5. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
While I would actually recommend this book (I am a huge fan of Rupi Kaur, read more about that here) I would suggest giving your favourite book (or even movie!) as a gift. I love when my friends gift me with things that they love because I think it’s so personal and kind of sentimental. Bonus, this way all of your favourite things will be at their place so really this is a gift for you and them.
6. Oversized Tassel Throw
Like I said, those mild Vancouver winters are a thing of the past and so staying warm is my number one priority. Last year I suggested a faux fur throw and, while that is still a great gift, this cozy tassel throw is a little less glam but still every bit as stylish.
7. Prosecco Pong
Even the homebody likes to get a little wild every now and again. Prosecco Pong is, well, it’s basically beer pong but makes you seem a whole lot classier. Right?? Whatever, that’s what I’m telling myself and anyone I buy this for! It’s a perfect holiday gift because they can whip it out for any parties or even New Year’s Eve and you will be the cool and trendy friend who bought it for them. You’re welcome.

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