2017 GIFT GUIDE: For the Foodie

Aahh. The ‘Foodie’ gift guide. This is the one you whip out to impress those people on your list who are obsessed with the Food Network and all the food mags and maybe love to cook or maybe just love to eat and, okay, I have to stop talking about myself. Seriously though, these are a wide variety of fun food-centric gifts and there are things on here that even your least culinary-skilled friends would love.

1. “Hands Off” Oven Mitt
This is a cute and quirky gift that any cook is sure to love. I mentioned this in one of the previous gift guides but I’m all about injecting a little bit of flair in unexpected ways throughout a home. Cuter than your average oven mitts (and cheap, too!) these are a gift that pack a big personality punch! Plus, as you already know I’m a huge fan of this pink colour (read about that here) so to me it’s a no-brainer.
2. Gold Alligator Salt and Pepper Shakers
I always thought that we had cool salt and pepper shakers at my house (they’re like these ones here) but as fun as they are, they’re not this fun! I love these gilded alligators and I’m sure that your loved ones will, too! Plus, they’ll make a great conversation piece at a dinner party – just make sure you get the credit!
3. Compartes x Winc Wine and Chocolate
I included Compartes chocolate in last years gift guide and I’m doing it again because not only is it still a great gift idea, but Winc has paired it with a sparkling wine. A.) Who doesn’t love chocolate and wine? and B.) How heckin’ festive is that?! Even if you don’t get this particular set, the idea is still a good one. Pick a fun bottle of wine and some fancy chocolate and you’ve got a gift that any foodie would approve of.
4. Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook
This is the gift for the feminist foodie on your list because the Cherry Bombe cookbook features recipes from 100 creative and inspiring women in food. Without going off on a tangent, do you know how hard it is to make it as a women in the food industry? Really hard, okay. So celebrating these strong and successful women is super important and I know that you know at least one person who would love that. Even if the person you’re shopping for isn’t a hardcore feminist, buy it anyways! These are some really great recipes!
5. Gold Wine Rack
A wine rack just seems so classy and you will seem classy for gifting it, which is a total bonus. This one happens to also be really beautiful which makes it great for displaying (maybe that cool bottle of wine from above?). This is great for the foodie and the decorating-obsessed so maybe think about who else on your list might want one!
6. Glass Honey Pot
This is on here because, well, I’ve really been wanting one! I think that a honey pot is so cute and nostalgic and, partly because of that, also really unexpected. This would make a sweet gift that also won’t break the bank (spoiler: it’s only $10.95!)
7. Cast-Iron French (Dutch) Oven
This baby will make anyone look like they know what’s up in the kitchen. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving because it’s super classic and will last them their whole lives. They come in tons of colours so have fun picking it out! Also, pro tip: check out your local Home Sense/Home Goods because I see these there all the time at significantly lower prices!
8. Radical Women Tea Towels
This is another gift for your feminist foodie! Tea towels can be super fun and while most people like to keep things simple and classic in the kitchen, they’re more willing to play around with small things like their tea towels (or their oven mitts! See above). I love me a radical woman!

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