2017 GIFT GUIDE: For the #BOSS

This is a new gift guide on the blog and I am so excited to share it with you! Now, I don’t literally mean your boss (as in, your employer) but rather those people in your life who are motivated and driven and (seem) to have it all together (aka a boss-ass-b****). I know that I can be a little – okay, a lot – type A and so I would love any of these things and I’m sure the person you’re shopping for will, too. Are any of you the same way? Let me know in the comments down below!

1. Temperature Control Mug
I am totally guilty of making a cup of coffee or tea and then getting so enthralled in work (or online shopping) that I forget about it and it gets cold. This leaves me with three options: pour it out, which I’d really rather not do; re-heat it which is a lot of effort; or drink it cold. Well, not any more. This mug allows you to remotely control the temperature so that it keeps your drink warm! Can you think of any workaholics on your list that could do with one (or five) of these? I sure can.
2. Leather Pouch
I think that little pouches like this are such an essential because you can use them for so many different things; they can be used as a pencil case, they can store important notes and papers, they can be used as a makeup bag. They can be anything you need which is why they are perfect for the boss babe in your life! Help them stay organized and feeling good while also making yourself feel good since purchasing this pouch provides 50 meals to students in need (read more about FEED here).
3. ‘Lists’ Notebook
While on the topic of staying organized, who else is a list maker? I need about 12 lists a week to stay on top of things so a notebook like this would be a Godsend. Plus I’m a total sucker for cute stationary! Speaking from experience here, pick this up for any of your type-A friends and they’ll love it and you!
4. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker
It’s funny how some of the most driven people can also be pretty forgetful (dad, I’m looking at you!). This little gadget can be put on anything (your phone, your keys, whatever) so that you never lose them again. I bet you’re thinking about all the people who could use one these, right? Like maybe even you? Uh huh, you know how Christmas shopping goes: one for you and one for me …
5. Acrylic Dry Erase Calendar
I like to be able to see my schedule laid out and I’ve been seeing these acrylic wall calendars all over Pinterest. A whole lot of internet browsing made me realize that these guys can get pretty expensive but this is a pretty affordable option and it’s super cute! It’s a great gift for someone who is creative and/or visually oriented. Or, you know, someone who loves cute and trendy decor. Either way it’s a win.
6. Wood + Marble Bookends
Bookends are actually super useful but not really something that you buy for yourself (unless you’re a design buff, in which case you probably already have a stylish set). This marble and wood set is super beautiful but also has the added benefit of being a substantial weight which will help, you know, hold up books. Just think of how stylish they’d look in your friends office or den!


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