ICBL: Innocent Ice Cream Sandwiches

Today we’re introducing a new series called “Ice Cream Bucket List” (ICBL from here on out). I love ice cream – I would eat it every day if I could. I definitely get this from my grandpa; he loves what he calls ‘soft’ ice cream (he really means soft serve and it’s adorable) but I love it in all shapes and forms. Any time I go on a trip and am supposed to be doing research on what I want to see or where I want to go I really just focus on what ice cream I’m going to get and where the best places are. This summer I’ve really been focusing on places closer to home and exploring the ice cream world here in Vancouver. I would say that one of my true talents is knowing at least one great ice cream spot near me at all times. So I though that this would be a great way for my to show off that knowledge (and also a way to use up the hundreds of ice cream pictures on my phone). Today we’re starting off with a newer spot that, at the time was still pretty under-hyped, but has since blown up and gotten really popular. I’m talking about Innocent Ice Cream Sandwiches.

This is a pretty tiny place but they have tons of options including recipe sandwiches (in which they’ve already put together a bomb combo of cookies and ice cream) which you can get solo or in flights (!!!) and regular scoops as well. I was honestly a little intimidated by the sandwich situation so I got a double scoop of raspberry white chocolate and (my go-to) coffee and it was bomb. My little sister got the cookie sandwich and she loved it, although it was massive and so she couldn’t finish it. It was a little pricey but overall totally worth it!

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