ICBL: Cacao 70 Dippery

I spend quite a bit of time in Gastown and one of my favourite sweet spots used to be UYU Ice Cream. Unfortunately, a couple months ago they decided to close shop with promises of relocating. As you can imagine, this was very sad news to me. Thankfully, a few weeks ago the space was taken over when Cacao 70 opened a new concept store that had most of Vancouver in a bit of a tizzy: a dippery. An ice cream place that specializes in a grown up version of your childhood favourite, dipped cones. Creamy vanilla soft serve dipped in flavoured chocolate. Obviously, I was all over it. I went the day after their grand opening, first thing in the morning (I swear I don’t usually eat ice cream for breakfast!).

The space is so cute I almost got distracted from the ice cream! It has a boutique kind of vibe with the most precious palm wallpaper that is perfect for those ice cream Instagrams. As cute as the space is, it wasn’t enough to totally distract me from the ice cream. They have about 10 different dip flavours to choose from ranging from classics like dark, milk, and white chocolate, to more adventurous flavours like peanut butter and black sesame. I went with my two sisters and two of us got the coffee dip and my youngest sister actually got their Mexicocoa. Overall I thought it was definitely worth a try and I would recommend! I don’t know that I love it as much as I loved UYU but I’m going to give it another shot to impress me. After all, it’s only fair 😉

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