The Lazy Way to Get Instagram Worthy Pies

We’ve all been there. You invited people over or you promised to bring someone a dessert and then you realize that you can’t actually be bothered to slave away making pastry dough and homemade pie filling but you also don’t want to just go and get a store-bought pie. So you compromise: instead of buying a whole pie you’ll just buy the ingredients and assemble it yourself and call it a day, right? But there’s still that part of you that wants to impress people and semi-homemade pie just doesn’t really cut it. Well thank God, then, that creative pie crusts have become a thing! I’ve seen these crazy pies all over my Instagram from some of my favourite food bloggers and I’ve been dying to try it out for myself. I’m not dying to go through all the labour of making pie though. Today I’m going to show you how to take that pre-made Pillsbury crust you bought at the grocery store and make it look like an Instagram showstopper so that you can be totally impressive but still a little lazy. You’re welcome.

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To start you’re going to need pie dough. Now, feel free to make it from scratch if you want but if you don’t have time or, frankly, the inclination, that’s okay. I used the store bought Pillsbury dough that comes pre-rolled and everything. These are great because it comes with 2 in a pack so it’s enough for the top and bottom.

Next you will obviously need pie filling. Choose whatever you’d like: apple, blueberry, peach, cherry (which is what I’ve used here). The only thing to watch out for is filling like pumpkin or chocolate or anything that is typically a single crust pie (that means with no top layer). Again, feel free to make the filling if you’d like to or just pick up the canned kind at the grocery store. No judging here.

Lastly, the most important item(s) that you’ll need are cookie cutters. The cookie cutters are the real game changers. There are only so many braided/fluted/criss-crossed crusts you can do by hand, you know? And they also make the process so much easier! Pick whatever tickles your fancy because the more fun you have with it the more creative your pie will look. You could use animals, shapes, or letters (which are my personal favourite. Cakes and pies with sassy phrases – or Drake lyrics – are some of my favourite things on the planet).


Now is the time to be creative. I knew that I wanted to go with letters because one of my favourite food bloggers Amy, from Constellation Inspiration, did a whole series of Drake-lyric-pies (pictured above) that I died over. I decided to follow her lead only instead of lyrics I made mine a little more in the spirit of the upcoming holiday (while still being sassy as hell). I purchased my alphabet cookie cutters from Michael’s (where they were 50% off!) but you can also get them from Amazon (here).


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