Red Carpet Recap: GOLDEN GLOBES

(From left to right: Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke, Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson, Zoe Kravitz)

Last night’s red carpet was maybe my favourite of all time. The #TIMESUP movement has quickly swept over Hollywood and with it was the pledge made by many actresses to wear black as a sign of unity in the pursuit of equality and parity and representation for women. I’ll be honest, going in to it I was apprehensive to see who would wear black and who wouldn’t and so it was such a beautiful surprise to see so many women rise to the occasion. Not only did they show up wearing black, but they showed up for each other. One of my favourite things from last night was seeing women from all different groups coming together on the red carpet for pictures or just to talk or hug. I hope that last night set the tone for the rest of awards season and the rest of the year. GO LADIES!

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