Home Inspo: Wallpaper Obsession

For most of my life whenever I thought of wallpaper I thought of the horror stories I’d heard on the many home improvement shows I watched (because naturally I was a child that loved HGTV). “Oh God, 70’s wallpaper!” “Wallpaper is such a nightmare!” “Not wallpaper!” In my head wallpaper was a big NO. So imagine my surprise when I realized that wallpaper was actually super trendy and cool. I vividly the first wallpaper that I couldn’t help but love was a print of text from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I just thought it was so whimsical and lovely. Ever since then I’ve seriously lusted over papered spaces.

Wallpaper Obsession | anjleeparmar.com

I really love the way they add instant drama and interest to a space. Whether it’s just a wall or the whole room, wallpaper takes things from ordinary to super cool. A really popular trend is to use a bold pattern or print in a small space like a bathroom or a powder room. I like this because bathrooms can really easily be forgotten when it comes to creating and style in your home but simply adding wallpaper makes it seem like you put in a lot of effort. They also tend to be much smaller spaces which makes it more affordable to paper.

Wallpaper Obsession | anjleeparmar.com

Another really cool way to use wallpaper is by adding it to the ceiling. Similar to the way adding it to a bathroom can create style, I think that adding it to the ceiling can extend that style further. The hallway below is really artsy and stylish and the papered ceiling really accentuates that and creates a totally quirky vibe. It’s also a really interesting way to add drama to a room that may not have space on the walls. This way you can still have functional shelving and it’s not at the expense of style.

Wallpaper Obsession | anjleeparmar.com

The coolest thing about wallpaper though is that no matter what your personal style is you can pretty much find something for everyone. Wallpaper can create a ton of different vibes in different spaces. So if you’ve never though to use wallpaper before, think again my friends. So get to browsing Pinterest and thank me later.

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