Home Inspo: Maximalist Style

As much as modern minimalist interiors are a dream to look at, they’ve never really been my style. I’ve always just found them to be a little too barren and cold for my liking; I can’t imagine getting snuggly on a modular leather sofa in a stark white room with geometric light fixtures, you know? I like layers and textures and patterns and I like to have stuff. It’s the hoarder in me, I know, but I really can’t help it. Which is why, when two of my fave design hubs, MyDomaine and Lonny, called ‘maximalism’ as a trend to watch for this year, I did jumps for joy. Finally!

Maximalism, or the return to it, reminds me of a modern renaissance. It’s a renewed appreciation for rich colours and patterns and art. It’s a little bit eclectic and a little bit luxurious and it all comes together in a beautiful, whimsical way. The trick with this trend, though, is to not just pile stuff together. There is a very fine line between clutter and style and it’s a line that needs to be walked very carefully in order to achieve chic maximalism. Layering is a really smart way to get the look; mix patterns with different textures and colours and little details like artwork and accessories.

To keep the trend still feeling modern, try to not over fill the space with things. Traditional maximalism can sometimes be a little (or a lot) overwhelming and often reminds me of little old ladies and antique shops. By practicing restraint with the amount of stuff in a space you’re able to keep it looking fresh and updated.

There are two really easy ways to achieve this look in your own home without needing the help of a professional designer; the first of which is to introduce texture to your space. This is really simple to do with more accessory style pieces like rugs and pillows and throws and lamps (think knits, silk, faux fur), but you can also play with texture when it comes to your furniture. Mix metal and wood and stone to get a more dimensional look.

My favourite aspect of this trend is the one that’s probably the easiest to implement in your own space, and that is incorporating artwork. I feel like art is one of those things that seems frivolous but actually really makes a difference when it comes to decorating. And with places like Etsy and Society6 that have an abundance of prints and pieces, artwork has become really accessible and also pretty affordable. You can also find free prints online or even create your own! I really love when people mix art with their own personal photographs to create a more personal and intimate environment. Art work instantly makes any space seem a lot more posh and put-together while still reflecting your own taste and style. Plus it adds another layer to truly nail the maximalist look.


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