Home Inspo: Bold Details for Fall

It has gotten cold and rainy here in Vancouver which means that pretty much the only thing I want to do is sit at home bundled in a blanket watching TV and Halloween movies. So when a few of my favourite design blogs all said that dark and bold decor details were a major trend this season I jumped all over it. I really love the depth and the interest that darker tones can add to a space. It creates a dramatic and moody vibe that is perfect for fall.

As someone who is majorly over the all-white trend, I’m super in to incorporating bolder, deeper details. From what I can tell there are two main ways to get the look: try it out with furniture and accessories, or just go for it with paint or wallpaper (the third option, of course, would be to combine the first two if you really wanted to go for it). The best thing is that if you did love the all-white thing you can still try the trend without a total overhaul of your space.

Try painting a door or a bookcase (’cause, hey, it’s not permanent) or head somewhere like Ikea or Target for trendy decor pieces that won’t break the bank. If you feel crafty one of my favourite DIYs is simply picking up a canvas and some paint and making your own masterpiece; try doing something monochromatic in shades of grey or rich jewel tones which are perfect for the fall and winter season. Whatever way you choose to try the trend, have fun with it! Decor is always supposed to be a reflection of you and what you love so don’t be scared to something new!

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