Home Inspo: Boho Bone-Inlay

When I was little I spent a lot of time at different relatives’ homes. I have a lot of family, all of whom who are different ages and have different tastes and styles. Except that no matter whose house I was at, I could almost guarantee that I would find similar things; traditional brass vases, china cabinets full of fancy silver that no one uses, and intricate inlay furniture. For a really long time when I thought of bone-inlay (or mother of pearl inlay, or any type of inlay really) I thought of my relatives homes. I thought of the tea tray that I hated because I hated serving guests. I thought of the side table in my great-aunts dining room that always got in the way of people trying to get to their seats. I thought it was kitschy and a little bit tacky. I was wrong. So much time and effort and skill goes in to creating each piece. Now when I see a piece of inlay furniture I think of it as a work of art. I also think how badly I’d like to get my hands on that side table.

Bone-inlay is sort of having a moment, with big brands like Anthropologie and West Elm getting in on the action as well. But you might be questioning whether it fits with your style. Here’s the answer: yes. While it may seem like too bohemian a trend for you, the truth is that inlay décor is actually quite classic and can work in a lot of different ways.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.59.48 PM

And while this is a style that has been around forever (literally), a lot of the newer pieces from more mainstream stores have a slightly modern take on what is a very traditional style. I think that this helps make it a little easier to style for those of you who may be intimidated by such a bold statement.

So you know the trend, you love the style – what’s next? Get to shopping, duh!

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