March In Music

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I’m sharing my March playlist and, I have to say, it’s one I really enjoyed. February was one of those months where I kind of just listened to a few songs over and over again (which was great in its own way) but this month was filled with lots of music. Something that was really nice about this month was finding new music. When I started archiving my monthly playlists it was because I wanted to remember what I was listening to during specific times in my life so that I could recall those memories more exactly. Because of this, I’m always inclined to listen to the same songs, for example, that I listened to in March of last year or the year before. I’ve never really understood why I do this other than I’m a nostalgic person with slightly OCD tendencies but whatever the reason, I do it. So to have a month where I listened to pretty much all new stuff was kind of refreshing and a way to create new memories with new songs.

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