It’s Baseball Season, Baby

As if I don’t have enough reasons to love the month of April, baseball season has officially begun. Now, you may be surprised to learn that I am a huge baseball fan. Even more, I’m a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan. Being a Giants fan is actually tied to a couple of really big parts of my identity; when I was a little kid my dad got a job in the Bay area and so we lived there for a few years. We were actually in Palo Alto but I have a lot of fond memories of family trips in to the city. At the time I was, let’s just say less than grateful, but when we came back home I found myself missing it more than I would have expected. San Francisco has been my favourite city ever since.

And as far as baseball goes, well, that relationship started out even more love-hate. When I was about six years old my dad insisted that I play a sport in addition to dance and since I had absolutely no desire to run around after a soccer ball, I signed up for softball. I joined grudgingly but soon grew to love the sport. I played for about 10 years and, lately, have been thinking of joining a beer league or something because I’ve really been missing it in my life. Softball was such a big part of my life for so long; practices and games, clinics and camps, and tournaments. But it was more than that, as well. I miss having a team.

Being a fan is kind of like that. It’s kind of like belonging to a team. And the Giants, well, they’re a damn good team. Honestly, how I became a fan is kind of a funny story. I picked them initially because I was eight and my teammates asked me who my favourite major league team was. Truthfully I didn’t have a favourite team then and so I picked San Francisco because it seemed obvious. But that little white lie led to lots of questions and so eventually I started keeping up with their games because I couldn’t keep pretending to know stuff (it was getting embarrassing). So I started out as a fake fan but became a real one out of necessity for the sake of my pride. And here we are, many years (and three world series, thank you very much) later, and I let my San-Francisco-Giants-loving freak flag fly.

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