Bachelorette (Rachel) Finale + Girls Trip

Now that we’ve all had a few days to digest and come to turns with that (for once) seriously surprising finale, I figured it was about time for me to do a quick little recap and share my thoughts!

You know that every season Chris Harrison is always going on about how it’s “the most dramatic” and “the most shocking” season yet and usually it’s a bunch of crap. I’ve been able to predict the winner of the last 4 seasons pretty much from the first night and there are never as many crazy surprises as the show itself claims that there will be. It’s just not rocket science. This season I called Peter as the winner very early on and, I have to say, I was really confident. never really liked him all that much, but it was super clear that Rachel really did. She was just so in to him! I personally was a big fan of Eric even though I could tell he wasn’t going to be the man that she picked; I just couldn’t help it! He was so cute and funny and charismatic (I’m still holding out hope that he’ll be the next Bachelor – fingers crossed!).

So really it came down to Bryan (who was very open and honest about how he felt and very willing to show her how he felt) and Peter (who was just as open but was not quite where she wanted him to be). I think that because she was so torn up over Peter not being ready to propose it really showed how much she liked him, which is something we didn’t really see with her and Bryan. On the ‘After the Final Rose’ portion of the show she talked about how she defended him to her family and in hindsight I do see that but at the time it really felt like Peter was her choice and she was just waiting to see if he would come around. Shocker: he didn’t.

He basically said that he wasn’t going to propose and if he did it would only be to make her happy and not because he actually wanted to. Which, IMO, is not something you should say. Ever. He was very ungracious saying that if she picked anyone else she would “have a mediocre life” (rude much?) and it would be a big mistake. I never really cared for Peter but that really irritated me. If I was Rachel I would have sent him home for saying that! They ended their date going their separate ways and, while Chris Harrison seemed confused whether or not that was a breakup, it definitely was the end for Peter. That left us with approximately 15 minutes for Rachel to get over the supposed heartbreak and say yes to Bryan, which, in all fairness, is why I think it was so surprising (maybe even unbelievable, to some) that she would say yes to Bryan and get engaged to the guy that Bachelor-nation called second best.

Honestly, I never had anything against Bryan. I thought he was sweet and kind and really seemed to care for her and so I’m happy she picked him. I can only hope that Peter is not the next Bachelor because I am so annoyed with how rude he was that I honestly don’t think I can stand to see his face for another season. Ugh.

So now that we’ve caught up on all things The Bachelorette, I really quickly want to talk to you guys about the movie I saw last night! I’ve been wanting to see Girls Trip for a long time because I knew that it would be one of those movies that just made me laugh. Let me tell you, it absolutely was (even though I didn’t laugh nearly as much as my mom – she really loved it!). Before you get tickets for you and your mom though let me just say that it was super inappropriate and definitely earned its’ R-rating, so consider yourself warned. Although to be honest there were a couple of grandmas in the audience when I saw it and they all seemed to have loved it, too. Clearly it’s just one of those movies that no one can resist. So do yourself a favour and go see it while you still can!

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