An Afternoon @ the VAG

Contrary to my father’s belief, I am a fan of museums and art galleries. There’s some kind of greatness that dwells in the halls of those places that makes me feel inspired and in awe. I’ve been to a lot of really amazing places in lots of different places, but I’ve spent very little time exploring the art gallery in my own back yard (figuratively speaking, of course). Last weekend I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery with my mom and my sister and it really got me thinking and itching to create new things.

This was one of my favourite exhibits because it was like looking at a time lapse of Vancouver throughout the last 50 years. It was strange to see things that have always been so familiar to me shown in such a foreign setting. It was like little snapshots of my life splashed across the walls of the gallery.

It was also really cool to see my home seen through someone else’s perspective. It just goes to show how the world is seen differently through different eyes, which is something I know in theory but am still taken aback by when seeing it in front of me.

The above installation was probably one of my favourite because the artist used the texture of the outside of a house to create the pieces. I think that I love it so much because I know exactly the type of house that they used and it makes me think of playing at my great-aunt’s when I was little. I feel like that kind of sums up why this whole exhibit really resonated with me – it’s my memories of my home seen through art created by a complete stranger.

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