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  • Blueberry Brunch Cake

    Brunch cake. What a weird concept. What an awesome concept. I know it seems kind of decadent to have a full-out cake for brunch but to be fair pancakes or french toast can sometimes be just as sugary as dessert. And most self-proclaimed brunch cakes tend to be lighter and less over-the-top sweet as other cakes which […]

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  • Cold-Buster Smoothie

    What’s worse than getting sick? Getting sick in the spring/summer. At least in the winter you expect it, you know? Bad weather always equals runny noses and sore throats and germs spreading everywhere. Which is why I always get extra frustrated when I get sick in the spring or summer; I’m never expecting it and […]

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  • Savoury Pancakes

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that my ‘savoury tooth’ is far, far bigger than my sweet tooth. I’m way more likely to choose bread over pastries, pasta over cake, or chips over cookies. I really love the idea of pancakes (because carbs, duh) but I don’t always want a super sugary sweet treat. Sadly, my […]