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  • October In Music

    Can y’all believe that Halloween is tomorrow?! This month totally flew by in a blur but it was a blur with a great soundtrack! I’ve really enjoyed this months playlist – it’s got some great new finds and also a couple fun throwback songs (courtesy of my big Gossip Girl re-watch). It’s not too long […]

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  • Summer In Music

    Y’all, this felt like the longest summer ever! You know that feeling of just being so ready to go back to school because you’re just ready for a change in routine? That’s where I’m at right now. I’m ready for school (well, kinda) and I’m ready for fall and I’m ready to put this playlist to […]

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  • An Evening With Rupi Kaur

    2 years ago I went to a poetry reading/art show called Char Bagh that was put on in collaboration with Vancouver’s PuSh Festival and it was the first time I’d ever heard Rupi Kaur’s work. It’s a night that sticks out in my memory for a lot of reasons but mostly because of the way […]