The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Mask

I have been a huge fan of The Body Shop’s tea tree range for a long time now. I always have a bottle of the toner, I love the body wash, and I swear by the face mask so when I saw that they brought out some new products you can bet that I was all over it! The one that really stuck out to me though, was this overnight mask. I will admit to being guilty of wearing my face masks waaay longer than the suggested amount of time and sometimes even using their original tea tree mask as an overnight spot treatment for pesky pimples. I know that this is probably not recommended but I do it anyways, so a mask that is actually supposed to be kept on all night? Count me in!

I’ve only used this once since I bought it on Sunday so this is going to be more of a ‘first-impression’ rather than a review. Okay, the first thing I was curious/concerned about was how it would apply and whether or not it would transfer on to my pillow and bedsheets. The mask is a strange texture – it’s kind of jelly-like and is actually kind of bouncy in the jar! It’s kind of weird and kind of awesome. It’s not super thick and so after applying a thin, even layer it sunk in and absorbed really fast, almost exactly like a moisturizer would which meant there was zero transferring!

Speaking of moisturizer, you’re supposed to apply it directly to clean skin so my next concern was having it dry my skin out overnight. I have combination skin wherein I get oily in my t-zone but tend to be dry in areas due to my eczema. Because of this I’m pretty religious about applying some kind of serum or moisture-rich product before bed. Surprisingly, although it wasn’t super hydrating, it felt really comfortable and I woke up with my skin not any drier (or oilier) than normal.

Overall I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin but it did seem smoother and the pores around my nose (which tend to be a bit of a problem area for me) seemed smaller and less noticeable which is a total win in my book. I’m going to keep trying this, maybe twice a week, and see if I notice a change over time. I’ll keep you guys posted on whether or not it works so stay tuned to see if I recommend it!

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