It Smells Like Summer

I have this idea that if I break out my spring/summer perfumes I can pretend like it’s not miserable outside and that summer really is just around the corner. Good plan, right? I think everyone has an example of a ‘scent memory’: a certain smell that instantly transports you to a particular time or a place or even invokes a certain feeling. Like how the spicy smell of cardamom always makes me think of my grandpa and the smell of petrichor always reminds me of home (and also how I can’t smell Pink Sugar without feeling like I’m in the girls locker room in high school). Which is why it’s unsurprising that most people categorize their perfumes, as well. I’ve found that I use a combination of scent profile (floral scents, sweet scents, citrus scents, spicy scents) and also memory/feeling to determine which perfumes I break out at a certain time. Today I’m sharing my four favourite spring/summer scents with you all, as well as a little bit about why they’re my go-to’s. Stay tuned for a ‘Currently Coveting’ post with some of the perfumes I’m thinking of adding to the collection, and don’t forget to leave your picks in the comments below!


LIGHT BLUE (Dolce & Gabbana): I’ve never summered in southern Italy before but in my head this is what it smells like; clean citrus and a hint of salty sea air layered over a deeper muskiness. This was actually one of my first ‘designer’ perfumes and I bought it as a gift to myself on my 20th birthday when I decided I ought to have an elegant, grown-up fragrance in my collection. This perfume is classic Dolce & Gabbana and definitely fits the bill, but also has a sharp crispness to it that makes it still feel fresh and youthful.


BRONZE GODDESS (Estée Lauder): This is the quintessential summer scent, y’all. It’s warm and sultry and it’s a total classic; so much so that Estée Lauder relaunches it every single year just in time for the hot summer months. I’ve had this for a long time (like, 4 years) and I have yet to get sick of it because it just smells like summer. And how can you get sick of that?


NIRVANA: WHITE (Elizabeth and James): I know that I may be in the minority here when I say that I prefer this perfume to it’s ultra-popular counterpart (Nirvana Black), but I don’t care. This fragrance is really light and feminine and slightly floral and it’s unlike any other perfume that I know. I really feel like a sophisticated woman whenever I wear this and that’s always a good feeling!


WARM VANILLA SUGAR (Bath and Body Works): This fragrance is a funny one because I tend to love vanilla all year long. In the winter it’s warm and cozy but in the summer time it adds a little bit of rich sultriness that works really well on it’s own or layered with other scents to give them a little boost of warmth and muskiness. It’s also great because vanilla is one of those scents that works well on everyone so go for it girl!

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