Going Under the … Needle?

I have a confession: I may try and come across as a badass, but I am really a big scaredy cat. I have wanted to get additional ear piercings for a really long time and I’m just too chicken! I got my septum pierced (kind of on a whim) a couple years ago and that’s in the middle of my face but when it comes to itty-bitty holes in my ears I just can’t do it. I have the standard single piercing on each side that I got done when I was still a baby (thank God) and in the 7th grade I decided I really wanted to get my second holes done. And then in the 9th grade I became obsessed with the idea of getting my tragus pierced. And then in my first year of university I really wanted a daith piercing. And now I’m twenty two and I haven’t done any of them.

I’m sharing this with you (as I do most things) to hold myself accountable. I am bound and determined to get at least one new piercing before the year is out! I am done being chicken! Okay, probably not actually. I will still be chicken about lots of things like spiders in the bathroom and joining the local pool. It’s fine. But I won’t be chicken about this! I’m thinking that my second holes will probably be the first just because they seem the least daunting and from what I’ve heard they take the least amount of time to heal, but I’ll see. And you’ll see, too! Fingers crossed, y’all!

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